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His Grace Bishop Irinej calls upon the most beloved clergy, monastics and faithful of the Diocese of Eastern America to offer heartfelt prayer, interceding for those affected, or in danger of being affected, by Hurricane Ian and its devastating impact, first in the Caribbean and now in Florida. Our prayers, collective and personal, notes Bishop Irinej are with those who have suffered loss of life and livelihood, the comfort and security of home and homestead. Further, His Grace requests prayers for the safety of the first respondents and those who will come to the assistance of the recovery and response endeavors, those who offer shelter, food, clothing, and mercy; as well as those who now lie in the path of the storm, which continues to move further up the eastern seaboard of the United States. The Bishop has been in close contact with the clergy of the Miami Deanery, expressing his paternal love and concern for them, their families and faithful, and all who now suffer alike in the wake and in the path of Hurricane Ian’s destruction. May our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus Christ, by the power and protection of His Life-giving Cross, always safeguard and steadfastly shield everyone from harm’s way, while embracing those who have been and will be affected by the raging of Hurricane Ian. 29.IX.2022 New Rochelle, NY

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