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Beloved in Christ, as you all know to run the Parish and "keep the lights on" we all need to help and provide for the basic needs of the Parish. Here is a list of things we always need in our Parish.
You can either make a donation (monetary contribution) 
click here to donate or you can simply purchase any of the following things on the list (or give a smaller monetary portion towards it) that our Parish always needs. 
This list will be updated over time (with your suggestions as well) so you will know what we need at a certain time. 

If you make a check, make sure you designate (in the memo) for which of the following items should be used

For Title Resurrection Icon smaller.jpg

The regular monthly utility expenses are as follows:

(paper towels, cleaning products, toilet paper, cups, plastic spoons & forks, water for the water cooler, beverages, sheets for the tables, food for events, coffee, tea)


We can all contribute in any form (that includes helping out during events) to make sure that above all we are here to stay and witness our Orthodox Faith as good stewards who are building themselves into the Mystical Body of Christ that is the Church. 

Here is the link for donating online or you can purchase (or provide) any of the things listed above. 

Thank you and may the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ embrace you with His love. 

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