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Important Update: Schedule of Services

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

The upcoming Paraklisis Service on March 4, 2022 and the Divine Liturgy on Saturday from 9 am on March 5, 2022 are canceled due to the Annual Diocesan Assembly hosted in our neighboring Parish of St Nicholas in Steelton, PA.

If anyone wishes to come for the Liturgy on Saturday, he can come to the Divine Hierarchical Liturgy starting from 9 am in the Steelton Parish at this address: 601 S Harrisburg St 1219, Swatara, PA 17113.

God willing, we will have the blessing and the joy to have His Grace Bishop Irinej visiting our Parish on Sunday of Forgiveness March 7, 2022 and preside with the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy.

The rest of the Schedule of services remains as usual as it is updated on our website:

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