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Akathist Hymn to Saint Nectarios, Wonderworker of Aegina, and Pentapolis

Kontakion 1

In joy of heart let us hymn with songs the newly revealed star of Orthodoxy, the newly raised bulwark of the Church: Saint Nectarios. Glorified by the working of the Spirit, he pours forth an abundant grace of healing upon those who cry: Rejoice, Saint Nectarios, model of patience and lover of virtue.

Ikos 1

In the world you were shown to be a man of heavenly mind, Saint Nectarios, hierarch of Christ. Having passed through life in holiness, you were shown to be blameless, venerable, and God-pleasing in all things. Therefore, you hear from us such praises as these:

Rejoice, new teacher of eternal guidelines.

Rejoice, earnest reflection of Christ before the enemy of mankind.

Rejoice, for you came forth to meet the holy fathers in their writings.

Rejoice, for you taught your flock the lessons of truth and mercy.

Rejoice, for you sing with all the saints in the choirs of the Church.

Rejoice, for all the cities on earth rejoice with you.

Rejoice, Saint Nectarios, model of patience and lover of virtue.

Kontakion 2

Having adorned yourself with meekness of soul from your youth, holy father, only one desire consumed your heart. You longed to become a preacher of the Gospel. From childhood you knew the Scriptures which can make men wise for salvation, teaching them to cry: Alleluia.

Ikos 2

When you left your home and traveled to Constantinople, you labored in the midst of worldly distractions. Yet, you did not forsake the Faith which first dwelt in your grandmother and mother and then dwelt in you. Steadfastly, you dedicated yourself to prayer, and to the sayings of the fathers which you wrote on packages and wrappings so that others might read them and receive spiritual profit. Therefore, to one who was in the world but not of it, we the faithful cry aloud in thanksgiving:

Rejoice, heavenly abode of God’s mysterious ways on earth.

Rejoice, honorable dwelling-place of God’s grace.

Rejoice, for you did not discard the virtuous ways of your mother and grandmother.

Rejoice, for you renounced material things and sought the Kingdom.

Rejoice, victor of faith throughout a lifetime.

Rejoice, conqueror of distractions and passions.

Rejoice, Saint Nectarios, model of patience and lover of virtue.

Kontakion 3

A fervent lover of the monastic life, you often visited the Monastery of the Holy Fathers, conversing there about the spiritual struggle with its holy founder, Elder Pachomios. Since you aspired to the angelic habit, Saint Nectarios, you were tonsured, dedicating yourself to prayer on behalf of the people as you sang: Alleluia.

Ikos 3

Wholly consumed with the love of heavenly knowledge, you received a blessing to continue your theological education to which you devoted yourself with zeal and self-denial. While living in Athens, you studied day and night, knowing no other roads but those to the school and to the church. Accordingly, as to our instructor in heavenly theology, we your children joyfully cry:

Rejoice, seeker of understanding of things divine.

Rejoice, heavenly haven for those who struggle in the spiritual life.

Rejoice, for you abide in the Holy Church with love for all.

Rejoice, for you stand in awe of the Holy Trinity.

Rejoice, for you testified in these latter times to eternal truth and the undying love of the crucified Christ.

Rejoice, for you pour out blessings upon all believers who repent of sin and love their neighbor.

Rejoice, Saint Nectarios, model of patience and lover of virtue.

Kontakion 4

Arrayed in true holiness and pure morals, your great potential for service to Christ’s Holy Church was seen by Patriarch Sophronios of Alexandria. You were ordained to the sacred priesthood and elevated to the office of bishop. Saint Nectarios, you wisely offered your life to Christ as a pure sacrifice, ever chanting: Alleluia.

Ikos 4

In your position as Metropolitan of Pentapolis, you were deeply loved by the faithful, for clothed in the vesture of the hierarchy you adorned your life with humility. Ever disdainful of material possessions, you opened your hand freely and distributed alms to the poor. Like your Master, you willingly came not to be served but to serve, and to give your life as a ransom for many. Conquered by your love, Father Nectarios, we who honor your holy memory cry to you thus:

Rejoice, humble hierarch.

Rejoice, sacred sacrifice.

Rejoice, wise warrior.

Rejoice, charitable Christian.

Rejoice, through you we are delivered from pride and vanity.

Rejoice, through you we are rooted in the good soil of pure morals.

Rejoice, Saint Nectarios, model of patience and lover of virtue.

Kontakion 5

When the enemy of our souls saw you laboring in humility, he could not abide your holy presence among the people. Stirring up slanders and inciting rumors, he sought to destroy your good name and to lead you to bitterness and anger. You overcame all his devices, Saint Nectarios, for in all things you meekly chanted to God: Alleluia.

Ikos 5

Lacking even your daily bread and slandered on all sides, you prayed for your accusers, begging the Father to forgive them. Refusing to speak one word in your own defense, you joyfully suffered according to the will of God, committing yourself to Him and doing good for your faithful Creator. Amazed by your longsuffering and steadfast endurance, we your children exclaim:

Rejoice, treasury of knowledge and prayers for believers.

Rejoice, wealth of cleansing waters for false accusers.

Rejoice, vessel filled with the Christian virtues.

Rejoice, true embodiment of spiritual meekness.

Rejoice, for you said, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they have done.”

Rejoice, for you repaid evil with good, following your master Christ.

Rejoice, Saint Nectarios, model of patience and lover of virtue.

Kontakion 6

Although having a strong desire for the life of stillness on the Holy Mountain, you could not abandon the people. You heeded their call to remain in the world and to proclaim the words of salvation. Freely you received and freely you gave, calling all men to exclaim: Alleluia.

Ikos 6

With the words of your mouth, you dropped heavenly sweetness into the hearts of those who accepted your words with faith, directing the minds of the faithful to seek those things which are above. The sacred writings of your teachings continually gladden the souls of the pious. Moved by the Holy Spirit, O Saint Nectarios, you wisely recorded words of grace and instruction for those who cry to you:

Rejoice, faithful servant directing souls to Christ.

Rejoice, virtuous habitation filled with the words of the Gospel.

Rejoice, ray of light illuminating our days on the earth.

Rejoice, bright star leading people out of the night of sin.

Rejoice, for you praised truth and lived by mercy.

Rejoice, for you gave the words of life to all freely.

Rejoice, Saint Nectarios, model of patience and lover of virtue.

Kontakion 7

Invited to assume the direction of the Rizarios Ecclesiastical School, you brought peace where there once existed confusion, for you treated all as a loving father. Thus, your students in gratitude sang to God: Alleluia.

Ikos 7

Strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus, having received the words of life, you committed these to faithful men who, because of your good instruction and spiritual example, were enabled to teach them to others. Enduring hardships as a good soldier of Christ, you did not entangle yourself in the affairs of this world but thought only how to please the Master. Therefore, as to a worker who does not need to be ashamed — for you rightly divided the Word of Truth — we cry out to you in words such as these:

Rejoice, devout teacher of the Divine Commandments.

Rejoice, for by teaching others you pleased your Master.

Rejoice, new Paul, who has bequeathed us the pattern of sound words.

Rejoice, new Jude, who has given us the exhortation to contend earnestly for the Faith.

Rejoice, new Chrysostom, who has poured forth upon the Holy Church the pure waters of piety.

Rejoice, new Damascene, who has defended the faithful from impious doctrines.

Rejoice, Saint Nectarios, model of patience and lover of virtue.

Kontakion 8

Wisely adorned with understanding and meekness, you brought together venerable virgins in godliness, leading them to Christ by your words and the works of your blameless life, teaching them to sing: Alleluia.

Ikos 8

Listening to your prayers and earnest supplications, the Lord Who does the will of those who fear Him, led you to the island of Aegina where you rebuilt the monastery which had been abandoned. Who can describe your labors and toils? Exercising vigilance in all things, Saint Nectarios, you showed forth a model of divine virtue. Mindful of this, your spiritual daughters in thanksgiving cry to you thus:

Rejoice, laborer for Christ, building His holy house for worshippers.

Rejoice, all-luminous lamp, lighting the way to salvation for all.

Rejoice, blameless instructor in the True Faith.

Rejoice, branch bringing forth fruits worthy of repentance.

Rejoice, righteous guardian of chastity.

Rejoice, holy caretaker of spiritual children.

Rejoice, Saint Nectarios, model of patience and lover of virtue.

Kontakion 9

Worldly minded men cannot understand your patience, for despite the many cares of the monastery, you did not cease writing instructive books for Christians living in the world. Amazed at the great wisdom which you were given, we cry to God: Alleluia.

Ikos 9

Having settled at the monastery in Aegina, you became all-spirit and led an altogether spiritual life. Venerable, meek, kindly, humble, extremely compassionate, and charitable, you carried on the good fight in order to lay hold of that for which Christ Jesus laid hold of you. In your pious ways you blamelessly followed Dionysios, the godly pastor of Aegina. Now, as you partake of heavenly glory with him, receive from us these praises:

Rejoice, for you renounced the greed of this world.

Rejoice, for you received in exchange the spirit of charity.

Rejoice, for you gladly crucified your flesh to your spirit.

Rejoice, for you submitted your spirit to your Sweetest Lord Jesus.

Rejoice, lover of the holy fathers and leader of the people.

Rejoice, pious instructor in the prayer of the heart.

Rejoice, Saint Nectarios, model of patience and lover of virtue.

Kontakion 10

Never neglecting mental prayer but always crying from the depth of your heart, “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy upon me,” all bore witness that you had become truly spiritualized. Noticing in you an exceptional sweetness which radiated from your serene countenance, the faithful joyfully exclaimed: Alleluia.

Ikos 10

Knowing that the most holy Virgin is a bulwark for all saints and a joy to monks and nuns, you offered your intercessions to her with tears and committed yourself to her motherly protection. Writing beautiful hymns, you gave to the faithful the gift of your love, teaching them to sing, “Rejoice, O unwedded bride.” We therefore cry to you:

Rejoice, pure heart filled with prayers and hymns.

Rejoice, boast of monks and nuns who mourn for their sins.

Rejoice, intercessor for the lost and healer of the sick.

Rejoice, for you work many miracles through the power of God.

Rejoice, for you shone forth with flames of love for Jesus Christ.

Rejoice, for you always honored His holy Mother.

Rejoice, Saint Nectarios, model of patience and lover of virtue.

Kontakion 11

When the time came for you to depart to Christ and receive the crown of righteousness laid up for you in Heaven, you endured severe pain and suffered with exemplary patience. Always thanking the Heavenly Father and blessing His All-Holy Name, you unceasingly cried: Alleluia.

Ikos 11

The Lord, Who always glorifies those who glorify