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A message from the parents of little Peter, Reverend Goran Micic and his wife Kristina:

"Dear all, we are addressing you in the hour of our greatest pain. We are consumed by suffering for the child, whom we love more than our own lives. We beg you to share with us the pain and misery, which no one who has not gone through this "Path of Suffering" can even imagine. Namely, our 12-year-old son Petar fell ill with a severe form of soft tissue sarcoma (alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma). Three years ago, treatment began in Kragujevac, continued in Belgrade, and currently, the child is in Stuttgart. Since metastases appeared despite the therapy, Dr. K. Blatman, who is treating him, referred him to further treatment in the USA with sarcoma expert dr. Peter Anderson to the Cleveland Clinic. We ask you to financially support Peter's journey in faith and hope that our beloved son will overcome this wicked disease. We are full of love for our sick child, but we are powerless before the clinic's request to pay a large sum of money. We send this request to you as a painful cry for the continuation of our son's life. "Give as much as you can" so that Petar could feel the joy of life and childhood that a serious illness took away from him. Parents, priest Goran Mićić and wife Kristina Mićić, from Kragujevac."

Please, share this information accordingly and please keep Petar and his family in your prayers.

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