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What is Spiritual Life?

Sometimes we confuse things inside ourselves and think that the spiritual life is that you are a good person, that you don't steal, that you don't kill, that you don't go to bad places and with bad friends, that you go to church on Sunday, that you are there when the singing of the doxology starts, or at least on the 'Blessed is Kingdom of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit', or to study spiritual books. No, spiritual life is not just that. A spiritual man, a true Christian, is the one who, with his Baptism, and afterwards, when he grows up, and with his heart made a vow to God that he will always be next to Him and with Him. A spiritual man is an ascetic who has emerged from life, who stands out among the multitude of people, and who rushes with all the speed of his soul to conquer Heaven, and to be able to gain and seize the Kingdom of Heaven through spiritual struggle. A spiritual man is one who, with bright eyes and the right stature, has directed his ship's rudder towards Heaven and hastened to ascend to it. He is not just a "good man".

Elder Aimilianos of Simonopetra

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