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Once an American visited Saint Porphyrios the Cavsocalivites and told him that he had come to the conclusion that God does not exist... Saint Porphyrios answered this not with logical arguments, but with divine inspiration: "You recently bought land in California. When you return to your homeland, go to the east side of your plot and dig a hole about one and a half meters deep. There you will find an amphora and a large number of Spanish gold coins from that and that year! Go home and do what I tell you, and then come back and you and I will continue our conversation about the existence of God…”.

The American did not believe the words of Saint Porphyrios. But when he returned to his homeland, he was overcome by a strong curiosity: what if this is true? He went to his plot and started digging in the place the old man had told him. And indeed, he unearthed an old amphora there, in which lay exactly as many coins as St. Porphyrios had told him. Even the date on the coins was the same! The American was shocked! The next summer he went to Saint Porphyrios again and told him everything. The old man listened carefully and answered with a kind smile: "Child, if you don't even know what's in your yard, how can you reason about what's in the sky?"

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