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Short Stories: Two Brothers

There lived two brothers, one married and the other unmarried. They had a large farm that brought them a rich harvest. They divided that family richness into two equal parts.

After a while, the married brother began to think that the division was not fair. He said to himself: "I am married and have five children, and, in some way, I am insured in my old age. My brother is unmarried, and he probably needs more than his income to insure himself for his old age."

That's how he got up at night and without anyone noticing he carried some sacks of grain to his brother's barn. Not knowing this, the unmarried brother thought like this: "The division of the income is not fair! I get half, and I live alone. My brother has a large family and surely needs more to feed everyone. And he secretly tonight, without telling him see, no one was carrying a sack of grain to his brother's barn. So, one night, they met.

Then the truth was known, and the locals also knew about it. When, many years after that, the locals wanted to build a church, they chose the very place where the two brothers met, and they all agreed that there was no place more sacred than that.

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