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Physics without God is absurd

Heino Falcke during his presentation of the picture of the Black hole. Photo EPA, Stephanie Lecocq

Heino Falcke is known worldwide as the scientist who first took a photo of a black hole. He says that philosophers and theologians have every right to enter the realm of physics. He called the previous idea, which prevailed in the scientific world, that science and physics had nothing to do with faith, absurd. On the contrary, he believes that physics without God is impossible.

Falke, who teaches astrophysics at Radboud University in the Netherlands, says religion was pervasive among the great physicists of the past, whose discoveries built modern physics. Scientists who do not think beyond material things are described as self-circumcising persons. That is why he believes that scientists should always think about the meaning of their work in a philosophical-theological context. The academic world should be open to discussions on the topic of "God as the origin of everything in science" - Falke insists. He would like to see in the future a more direct approach of philosophers and theologians to physics and vice versa.

Heino Falke is not just one of many physicists in the world. For his photograph of a black hole, which was the first of its kind, he received numerous awards and was frequently featured in the media worldwide. This 57-year-old German scientist has always been open about his faith. In an interview with a Dutch newspaper, Falke expressed his admiration for the creation, which he encountered in his work. He said he was overwhelmed by the feeling "that there is a much deeper reality below and above the creation that science knows, when the universe is taken into account. When you know Who is the Creator of all that, Who cares for us humans, you will start to see nature more and more as a love letter to us from God."

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1 Comment

This is a very interesting article. Indeed, slowly but surely, scientists and philosophers are beginning to realize that deterministic materialism is foolish, and that higher forms of reality must necessarily exist. Hopefully, this can be directed towards the revival of Christianity, as many of them unfortunately turn towards Gnosticism.

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