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Parish Covid 19 Update

Dear brothers and sisters, Christ is in our midst! As you all know in this difficult times for our country and the whole world, we have taken certain measures regarding our church services in order to respect the self distancing as tool to fight the Covid 19. So we are kindly asking you to follow our services online. We will have an online stream on our Facebook page and soon on other platforms if possible. Regarding Sunday services, since not more than 10 people are allowed to be in the same space, we are asking you to first call fr. Borjan (240-367-2130) before you plan to come and receive Holy Communion. Those who are not receiving the Holy Communion should not come so we can minimize the number of people being in Church. May God be with you, and let us never forget that if “God is with us who can be against us?” Now, we can use this time to pray even more fervently for each other and see the light of Christ’s resurrection defeating death. In Christ’s love, Fr. Borjan

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