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Miracles of St Justin Popovich

Saint Abba Justin passed away at the same time and on the same day he was born - on the feast of the Annunciation on April 7 (March 25) 1979. His relics, which rest in the Ćelije (The Cell) Monastery, today attract many believers, because many miracles happen there, thanks to his prayers.

Even during his life in the flesh, the venerable Abba had the gift of begging from the Lord for fruit for barren spouses to give birth and raise children, and after his presentation to the Kingdom of God, that type of miracle that the barren give birth, forms the majority of his prayer intercessions before the Lord.

Year 1952. That year a miracle happened in the monastery bakery in Ćelije (The Cell). There were forty sisters in the monastery, and Mother Nina worked in the kitchen. After she had kneaded the bread for dinner, there was still one ounce of flour left. At dinner, she complained to the sisters, and Abba Justin said: "Pray to God, the Lord takes care of us!" The next morning, when Mother Nina went to the bakery, she found two boxes full of flour. Ava Justin, mother Sarah and all the sisters saw this miracle and together they thanked the Lord.

Year 1953. A woman from the vicinity of Valjevo had been ill for twelve years. She was believed to be possessed by demons. She often saw devils, and they beat her, tortured her and mutilated her a lot. As her household incensed the house, she saw devils running away from the incense. She often went to confession and received communion with Father Justin, and thus she was completely healed. After that, she became a nun and became nun Tatiana.

Year 1959. The daughter of a man from Strmna Gora near Lelic was sick. For three years she lay motionless on the bed. Once they brought her in a car and brought her into the church in a blanket. Ava Justin read her prayers. After the prayer, she stood up, and after three years she was walking. And then, like the first time, she came to the church by car, and after the prayer, she came to the car and the village by herself. The engine, however, did not want to start. People started pushing the cart but in vain. She got out of the car and the engine started; when she got back into the car the engine stopped. It was like that several times. Then she said, "I'm going on foot to the hill." She was with a small child, she took the child in her arms and climbed the highest hill with him.

And in the book "Venerable Justin Novi Ćelijski", which was published by the Ćelije (The Cells) monastery with the blessing of Bishop Milutin of Valje, a number of miraculous healings of believers were recorded while Ave was alive, but also at his grave.

"Krstivoje Antonijević from Bogatić was supposed to have a difficult operation." He was at Ava's grave and recovered without surgery," the book says. "A woman from Greece had no children, she was at Ava's grave and took a clod of earth from the grave. She put that soil in a glass of water that she was drinking. Later she gave birth to a child. It was in 1985." "In 1996, Nenad, the son of Milenko from Valjevo, who could not walk alone, came to Justin's grave to have a prayer read for him. After seven days, he walked and came to Ava's eternal resting place to thank the miracle worker," the book says.

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