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‘Miracle’ Cures Paralyzed Woman at Greek Orthodox Church (photos)

By: Tasos Kokkinidis


Jun 26, 2018

The congregation in a Greek Orthodox church have spoken of a ‘miracle’ as they witnessed a wheelchair-bound woman getting to her feet after a blessing from a local priest.

The incident occurred near the town of Lagadas, northern Greece, as a liturgy was held to commemorate the blessing of the Holy Cross.

The most famous of all is the church of Virgin Mary in Tinos island, where thousands gather on Aug. 15 in the hope of divine intervention.

Ferries bearing pilgrims from as far away as Ethiopia spill thousands onto the island’s main avenue from which they make their way to its pinnacle.

So many miracles are said to have occurred on the island that many faithful make “tamata” or “vows.” In return for answered prayers, they make a promise that they fulfill in honor of the Virgin.

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