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His Grace Bishop Neophytos visiting our Parish

With the blessing of His Grace our father and Bishop Irinej, on May 12, 2023, we had the blessing to have in our midst His Grace Bishop Neophytos of Nyeriand Mount Kenya of the Holy Patriarchate of Alexandria and All Africa, during the service of the Canon of the Most Holy Theotokos in our Parish.

Our Parish priest, Fr. Borjan V., extended the love and the greetings of our Bishop and Father Irinej who welcomed his brother in Christ from the Holy Alexandrian Patriarchate.

Our parishioners had the chance to take a blessing and listen to His Grace Bishop Neophytos's sermon about the Orthodox mission in Africa. We were thrilled to hear about the work of His Grace Neophytos in his new diocese in Kenya, and his plans to raise many projects that will fortify the love for Christ at this part of the world.

We hope and pray that God will protect and strengthen in faith our Orthodox brothers and sisters on the African continent who are facing different challenges, and we also pray for their spiritual growth in our Risen Lord Jesus Christ. May the Lord grant many healthy years to His Grace Bishop Neophytos as a good Shepard of his God-protected Diocese of Nyeriand Mount Kenya. Eis polla eti Despota!

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