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God will not judge us based on our deeds and misdeeds

God will not judge us based on our deeds and misdeeds, for then He would be like a good accountant or a good businessman who rewards those who contribute to His business. He punishes those who harm Him – if our evil deeds represent harm to God – which is meaningless – or if our good deeds are beneficial to God – which again is meaningless.

None of this is necessary for God – it neither harms Him nor benefits Him, but if we were to follow that approach, God would be like a good accountant or a calculator who calculates that my salvation is the result of my good deeds or my downfall is the result of my evil deeds. No! God will look into a person to see if He sees the image of God in him, if He sees the likeness of His Son for whom He created man.

That is why the thief on the right side of the cross, who did not justify himself at all, could be saved, unlike the one on the left side. This one on the right side could not change anything in terms of his misdeeds, to correct them, he only saw an innocent man suffering before him and said, "Remember me, Lord, when you come into your kingdom." God revealed Himself to him on the cross, there is no greater joy than the fact that the first one to enter paradise was a thief because it means that there is a chance for us, thieves, as well.

Bishop Atanasije of blessed memory

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