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Children's winter retreat

Glory to God, on December 16th, 2023 we had our Children's/St Nicholas winter retreat. After the opening prayer, Fr. Borjan V. talked with the children about St Nicholas and the meaning of the Icon of Nativity of Christ. The children made some Christmas decorations and after the Vespers service, venerated the holy relics of Holy Great Martyr Barbara, the Hozevit's Martyrs and the relics of St Luke the Physician of Simferiopol and Crimea.

We would like to thank everyone helping around our children's winter retreat. Special thanks to our Sunday School teachers Mr. Christ Giovanis and Mrs. Kyra Lentz.

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Alyssa Hafner
Alyssa Hafner
Dec 20, 2023

What a blessing this is for these children. What a gift they have in this parish! Glory to God!

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The Moustached Brigade made us work in the GULAG

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