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A recipe for disbelief

Even the ancient Cicero said that no matter how many million times you throw dice with letters, you will never get lines of verse from them. And the universe, which surrounds us, is far more complex and full of far deeper meaning than the most beautifully painted work of art. In this story, old man Ambrose simply explains that the whole world that surrounds us is a great book of God's revelation, a testimony to the omnipotence and wisdom of its Creator.
Many people came to Father Ambrose to talk. They often asked him for lessons and advice for various life situations.

One day a man came and told the Old Man that he was an atheist and did not believe in God. He simply cannot believe that there is a Creator who is the Creator of the entire Universe. Father Ambrose listened to him carefully and remained silent.

After a few days, the Old Man decided to return the visit and go to the atheist. He brought him a beautiful and large painting as a gift.

The atheist was amazed and said that he had never seen a more beautiful picture in his life.

- How beautiful this picture is. Tell me who painted this? What is the name of its author?

- How who? No one! - answered the Old Man - there was an empty canvas on the table and above it was a shelf with oil paints.

And what happened was that the shelf swayed and some paints fell and accidentally spilled on the canvas. The result is this picture.

- You are joking - the atheist laughed.

- That is simply impossible. Such precise lines, such a combination of colors, it must be the work of some famous painter.

Then Father Ambrose smiled and said:

- You are not able to believe that this picture was created by chance, without the previous imagination of its author. And do you want me to believe that our beautiful world with its forests and mountains, oceans and valleys, with the change of seasons, with magnificent sunsets and silent moonlit nights, that all this was created by mere chance, without the imagination of its Creator?

Taken from: "Svetosavski zvonca" no. 8/2012.


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