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A man's life hangs in the balance

"A man's life hangs in the balance. With every step we take, our life is decided. How many people wake up in the morning without seeing the evening? How many people fall asleep at night and never wake up again? Truly, a man's life is a dream. A man in in a dream he sees things that don't exist: he can see himself as a crowned emperor but when he wakes up, he sees that in reality he is just a pauper.

In the life we live, man strives to get rich, to get an education, to live in comfort, to become famous. Unfortunately, death comes, and everything is in vain. Then others take what he has worked for all his life, while he himself leaves the world with an unclean conscience and a defiled soul.

Whoever is wise will understand these things and will renounce them, and will follow the Bridegroom Christ, and all the works he will create will be infinitely rewarded in His Kingdom.

My daughter, always remember death and the judgment of God, through which we will inevitably pass. Remember that in order to have more fear of God, mourn your sins, because tears comfort the soul of one who weeps."

Elder Ephrem of Philoteou and Arizona

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