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The source of miracles

The church is an inexhaustible source of miracles. He takes water and it becomes sanctified, he takes bread and wine and they are transformed into Holy Communion. He takes man as clay and makes him a god. However, many people do not see these miracles. Because, if they saw them, they would not despise or hate the Church of Christ, but would love and respect it. And they would not speak of her with contempt as they do.

A Christian has his own way, and that is to raise a heavy cross to his life as well. It is a difficult thing if you say that you believe in Christ and that you are having a good time in this life. Because if you are having a good time here on earth, something is wrong with you, you are worrying about the gold of the earth and not the treasures of heaven. If you think like that, you are far from God's will. Christian life and good spending do not go together, because they are different things.

One time, a famous doctor came to me to talk. And his wife was also a doctor. They were both believers. They complained about their children, how they live a secular life and do not even adhere to the ecclesiastical tradition of their church, what's more, they make fun of it. They label Christians backward, adaptable, insincere, hypocrites and blasphemers, and the actions they themselves commit are not Christian. They even opposed the consecration of the home, which their parents received once a year, and since they grew up they no longer wanted to attend it.

The doctor seemed very tired and desperate because of the spiritual inertness of his children. He thought that all his and his wife's attempts were in vain, failed and did not touch the children. At one point, the doctor, putting his head between his hands, as if he wanted to hide his face from shame, said to me: I'm afraid that a lot of money has done us harm!

I asked him to tell me what he thought and he answered me with complete honesty that they had accumulated a huge property for themselves, which was completely unnecessary. We have three big houses, he said, one for us and one for the children. Also two cottages, four expensive cars, one boat, savings and more. And he continued: the children were brought up badly and now they accuse us of challenging them. They also tell us how beautifully we have married wealth with Christianity. He asked me what he needed to do in order to find peace and unity in the family again.

I told him to distribute it all to the poor and to keep only one house, one cottage and their wages for themselves. When he heard my words, his face changed color, and frightened and disappointed at the answer I gave him, he went away and did not come again. He associated himself with "this here" and not with "the one above". Because of this, the children were also looking for a different way of life, different from the one their parents gave them.

When I hear that there is great poverty and destitution, I suffer a lot and cannot pray. I'm not saying that if you have two shirts, give one away. That is unusual today and too difficult for most. However, if you want to call yourself a Christian and to possess all the treasures of God, why do you suffer and worry about acquiring excess and not doing charity and good deeds? Do you know that the one who has a lot of money builds a foundation on sand and manages it selfishly, ignoring the poverty and misfortune of other people.

Have you ever seen a shroud (which is used to wrap bodies) with sewn-on pockets? Everything will stay HERE. Only good deeds go to heaven.

Do you know why wars happen? Because of the money! Because the rich cannot curb their gluttony, and the poor do not want to acquire what is necessary, but rather envy the rich for their fame and wealth.

Your pockets must be open so that money (re)moves towards philanthropy. It is scandalous to have pockets full of money that are sewn with thread.

Source: The Friend of God (Пријатељ Божји)

Tasu Michala, "Four hours with Father Paisios".

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